Take a look at our grab & go hot cabinet, where you can find hearty hot meals you’ll love! From 5.30am. We provide you with the finest, tastiest, and delicious breakfast burgers and wraps to start your day. As well as many other dishes, including our famous homemade sausage rolls, pies, and toasted sandwiches. The ‘Hot” spot continues from 9.30am till 1pm with a variety of mouth-watering meals. Our chef will prepare a variety of hot meals, including pasta and curry dishes and roast meats. Our Grab & Go Cold Cabinet is where you can find the finest, tastiest, and fastest mealtime selection of fresh sandwiches, wraps, rolls, continental and baguette rolls and pannini’s made with the freshest ingredients. Home made salads, fruit salad and sweets are also available. Yanchep Café is even better if you are busy, because the chefs prepared hot and cold meals are delicious to simply take home and eat for dinner.

Take Away Meals